AV Solutions for our current world with COVID-19

An Introduction to UVCUE

UVCUE Germicidal UV-C Solution

UVCUE uses UV light technology to kill infective particles flying around the room, killing them above you before air can find its way back down. We want to keep you as safe as possible when you're in enclosed spaces like classrooms, gyms, cafeterias, office spaces or even lounge areas. Click below to learn more about how we can help.


Technologies for Changing Times

With the changing requirements for additional safety and precautions The Audio Visual Company has partnered with Havrion to provide the Thermal Protect solution. HAVRION is bringing you new capabilities under PROTECT with the FDA Approved ThermalID Solution! HAVRION’s ThermalID Solution provides an easy-to-Install display created specifically for maintaining a safe work environment by monitoring a critical health symptom confidentially. HAVRION is making available several key thermal temperature scanning stand and kiosk options, access control turnstiles and enterprise digital signage solutions to assist businesses. This unique solution provides businesses with the necessary guidance to accommodate and adjust the new processes and policies to maintain a healthy workplace by providing a positive experience before, during, and after every interaction. ThermalID is not a one size fits all approach. The solution brings you a range from “scan-only” to a fully integrated life, safety, and building management integration tool.

Thermal Protect



Havrion Thermal Protect offers several functionalities for thermal ID scan before, during, and after the read.


Communication & Privacy

Use digital signage displays to communicate workplace health and safety measures, enforce social distancing guidelines, and ensure everyone gets the information they need, rapidly and privately.


Versatility & Customization

Service people of all sizes, develop unique custom messaging to address specific needs, and go beyond the scan with multiple-use applications


Compliance & Security

Our HIPAA, ADA, and FDA-approved solution keeps information secure with three levels of encryption.

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