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Winsted's business philosophy is simple: to create, develop, and market technical furniture products for application in video, production, broadcast, security, power utilities, process control, transportation, and additional industries around the world. It is a philosophy that positions Winsted as a world leader in the technical furniture industry.

Since its inception in 1963, Winsted has consistently been a pioneer in product design and development. Product concept and design is driven by industry needs and demands, with many product ideas suggested by customers and developed with their input.

Our modular system approach, developed for the broadcast industry, has become the industry standard for all markets, and our experience developing specialized products enables us to easily expand into dynamic new markets.

A dominant factor in U.S. markets for many years, Winsted expanded into overseas markets in 1975, primarily in England. In 1976 the company began concentrated efforts to establish distribution in the Far East.

Winsted's international distribution was firmly established in 1984 with the formation of Winsted, Ltd. in England. Since then, Winsted, Ltd. has become a marketing and manufacturing facility serving the European, Middle East and African markets. In 1986, distributor agreements were established in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

In 2002, Winsted acquired Technical Interiors, a Georgia-based company specializing in custom console manufacturing. Renamed Winsted Technical Interiors, and with over 25 years of experience in the command control and electrical/nuclear power markets, WTI offers custom turnkey Design, Engineering, Fabrication, and Installation solutions for all markets and project sizes.

Our vision, creativity, adaptability, and ongoing commitment to Customers, Products, and Service is why Winsted is "Preferred by Professionals Worldwide."