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Visual Presenters

SamsungPresenterUSA.com. boasts of its state of the art technology and of its comprehensive business involvement, that is important for the industry and contributes to the advancement of the country itself. Samsung Techwin America businesses entails the precision and defense industry, and is currently actively developing the areas of power system, self-propelled gun, aircraft engine and turbo equipment, the optics & digital imaging, and semi-conductor businesses including the solid state component and equipment.

With the leading optics and digital imaging technology, Samsung Techwin America has developed and produced the world's longest 4X zoom 35mm point and shoot camera.

Samsung Techwin America has been recognized by many renown Industry leaders from all over the world for its constant R&D efforts, quality, and outstanding design. Samsung camera also has successfully increased in market share over the years, and has positioned itself as the 1st camera brand in Europe and 1st in the 2X zoom category in the U.S. In the year 2000, Samsung Camera received accolades and acknowledgement for the introduction of a 2.1 mega-pixel digital camera.

Furthermore, with the successful development and production of innovative and unique products such as the 150 mega pixel video presenter and digital video recorder has placed Samsung apart from the competition and once again was proven as the world leader. In addition to the CCTV systems, Visual Presenters, and LCD Projectors, Samsung Techwin America is also entering the optics parts, optical recording device, optical communication, and IMT-2000 module industries.

This year, in reaction to the network era, Samsung Techwin America has developed and introduced a Webthru digital security CCD camera that was designed specifically for the Internet connection. Webthru camera serves as a web server and camera in one and has the capability to send surveillance images at a new high speed to 100 locations simultaneously.

In effort to face the challenge of the new digital age, Samsung optical division strives and will continue to strive to research, develop, and produce products that will be acclaimed for their quality and innovation. Samsung will continue to shock the world with aggressive product development and marketing strategies and grow to become the world leader and provider of optical solutions. Samsung Techwin America is today's company ready to serve today's cutomers and react to today's needs.