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Formed in 1995, CTG manufactures unique installed audio systems. These systems focus on high performing ceiling based applications. The objective is to eliminate the constraints of cable management in the conference area and allow for rearrangement of furniture and movement of participants with no compromise in audio quality. Our goal is to allow people to participate in a teleconferencing meeting or training session with no change in their normal demeanor due to the conferencing equipment. The inconspicuous (visible piece is smaller than a dime) flush mounted ceiling microphones typically go unnoticed once the meeting begins.

Manufacturing and engineering are located in Jacksonville, Florida while headquarters and sales operations are in Sarasota, Florida.

CTG systems are typically used for teleconferencing, presentation venues, distance learning, meetings that require recording, courtrooms etc... Systems easily integrate to video conferencing.

CTG considers its proprietary microphones to be the most important ingredient of the system. These microphones were specifically designed to maintain the full range of frequencies over long distances. This allows participants at the distant end to identify who is talking since the true timbre of the voice is being transmitted.