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Audio Processing

K-12/Higher edu page:

Audio Enhancement, Inc. began 40 years ago when a mother wanted to create equal learning opportunities for her hearing-impaired sons and all students in the classroom. Today, we continue her mission by creating innovative technology that promotes more effective classrooms. Audio Enhancement's classroom solutions include a Classroom Audio System, SAFE System, classroom cameras, and Intercom, Paging, and Bells. Through these solutions, Audio Enhancement promotes student success, increases teacher development, and improves administrative efficiency.
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Every student deserves to hear their teacher despite where they're sitting and with Audio Enhancement's Classroom Audio System, they can! Four evenly distributed speakers allow the teacher's voice to be clearly heard when spoken into the wearable microphone. A handheld student microphone also allows students to be heard.

SAFE System:

The SAFE System from Audio Enhancement, Inc. connects teachers and classrooms to first responders for quick response and communication. This revolutionary system captures classroom proceedings for just-in-time help and safety.


VIEWpath is a professional development platform designed to help improve teacher quality across the district. Utilizing Audio Enhancement's classroom camera, the EduCam360-B, educators can analyze performance, engagement and lesson content. VIEWpath allows teachers to record, store and share lessons to make lesson delivery more effective, discussions more collaborative and student interaction more engaging.


A great school-wide communication system fully integrates into the IP network to provide full control of your school, in addition to ensuring reliable communication between administrators, teachers, and students. Audio Enhancement's IP Intercom, Paging, and Bells System does all of this and more with standards-based implementation, and full-duplex audio.

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