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Kenney Conference Room

About Project

The Challenge:

The United States Pacific Air Force Command (PACAF) Kenney Conference Room (KCR) originally had a 22’ wide 3 projector edge blend projection system. This was a great solution. However, with the high demand of KCR being the Commanding General (CG) of the Pacific’s Executive Conference Room KCR has to be operational at all times. Like any projection system, lamps need to be replaced, and projectors realigned, and they need to be color balanced with one another. All of these services take time, which requires KCR to be down for maintenance.

When the CG hosts meetings with other Generals from around the world, Prime Ministers, and Presidents, KCR has to be operational, and work the first time-every time.

The Approach:

PACAF and The Audio Visual Company (AVCO) has had a long standing relationship. The Contracting Company responsible for the facility engaged AVCO early on in the process. AVCO’s experience, expertise, and relationships with the manufacturers, AVCO was able to bring down a range of demo equipment and methodology of integration and servicing for the KCR upgrade.

The Solution:

AVCO integrated the Department of Defense’s (DoD) first direct view LED 1.9mm pixel pitch video wall. This video wall was the only choice for PACAF since it is rated for 100,000hours, and no lamp changes. It is 100% solid state, which means no fan noise in the CG’s Executive meetings. AVCO chose this particular video wall because of its unique power handling called, common cathode. Common Cathode separates each individual color per each LED to maximize power efficiency. Typically, other direct view LED walls utilize common anode which shares the load, to which red needs the most power since it’s the first color to degrade over long distance viewing. So other direct view LED walls use up to 66% more electricity.

Due to the nature of the LED video wall, it can only be serviced from the rear of the panels. AVCO worked closely with a mounting manufacturer and structural engineer to create a custom video wall to extend 36” off the normal video wall plain.

For reliability, AVCO chose to utilize a hardware processor that is dedicated to windowing and managing video signal flow. AVCO worked closely with PACAF and the manufacturer to create a solution that will fit PACAF’s existing infrastructure.

The Result:

The Audio Visual Company worked with the US Pacific Air Force to create a seamless video wall, utilizing direct view LEDs. With direct view LED technology, the PACAF Commanding General and his staff views the purest form of light which creates the cleanest picture possible. The imaging is so clear, and the technology is so reliable, PACAF has discussed Kenney Conference Room to be an a good Command and Control alternative to their existing facilities if situation dictates.

Video Wall