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AVCO Utilized Polycom Telepresence Solutions

Telepresence is the word to describe the new world of HD video and HD audio with large screen displays that create the “you are there” experience. This is distinct and different from normal SD video meetings conducted at low resolution with disruptions and intermittent audio and video.

The AVCO Telepresence Suite was designed for the “You are there” experience. A Polycom 8000 codec capable of 180p is the crown jewel of the room. The main display monitor is a Panasonic 65” plasma panel that provides 720p HD video resolution from which you feel the “presence” of the person on the far side. Clear audio from wall speakers make every nuance come through from the far end. We have mounted 40” Sony displays on the walls left and right from the main display where images to be sent can be previewed or documents like schedules and agendas can be posted.

AVCO utilized Polycom Telepresence solutions for many of its projects. These are primarily room Telepresence solutions although “Immersive Telepresence and Desktop systems are also available.

Polycom Room Telepresence

Polycom room telepresence solutions deliver powerful high definition communication experiences from the lecture hall to the meeting room. With myriad configuration and connectivity options, and powerful content sharing capabilities, Polycom room telepresence solutions enable individuals and groups to collaborate naturally and effortlessly across any distance.