House of Worship

COVID-19 AV Solutions

Living hand-in-hand with COVID-19 is the new norm - let us help you create a safe space for visitors and workers alike.

House of Worship: Elevate the Worship Experience in Any Space

From small, startup portable churches, freestanding chapels and large mass-metro campuses to synagogues, mosques, multipurpose spaces and more, AVCO can design and deliver scalable, high quality audio, video, lighting, and control solutions to meet the unique needs of House of Worship. AVCO has decades of experience working with premium products that are easy to setup and operate and function seamlessly together. With the ability to maintain, control an reconfigure systems with preset settings, you can ensure your message is always heard.

Create an Impactful First Impression


Architectural lighting and digital signage draw visitors in and create unique experiences that can set a house of worship apart, while background music sets the perfect mood. AVCO solutions can help reach people before they walk in the door.

Monitor and Manage

Control Rooms

Audio, video and lighting solutions can only make an impact when working properly, otherwise they distract from the experience.

Make Lasting Connections

Overview Areas / Classrooms / Youth Spaces

Small group classrooms and meeting spaces are where parishioners have the meaningful interactions that help them grow. AV solutions that help foster communication so congregants can share and learn.

Reach Your Congregation


House of worship use audio, video and lighting technology to better share their message with parishioners. AV auditorium technology helps draw congregants in for a memorable and impactful experience.

Invite and Inform


Common areas are where parishioners can visit together before and after a service. With audio and lighting solutions, House of Worship can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere while digital signage displays inform about upcoming events.

Reach People Wherever You Are

Mobile / Pop-Up Ministries

Bring your ministry out to the people and ensure your message is heard with crystal clear sound using professional portable audio solutions.

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