What is AVCO Trac?

AVCO Trac is a new way to enhance teaching while keeping everything you already love. Over the years, white boards have been a staple part of classrooms everywhere - now, how about adding technology into the picture? AVCO Trac incorporates innovative technology into your workflow with the help of a SMART Interactive Flat Panel by allowing you to still teach with a white board while adding in modern technology.


How is it done?

AVCO Trac is a support system that is anchored to your wall, supporting a SMART Interactive Flat Panel in such a way that it hovers above your existing white board. This special design allows you to slide the SMART Interactive Flat Panel to the left or right. This will then allow you to incorporate just the white board or just the SMART Interactive Flat Panel or both at the same time.

Why would you need AVCO Trac?

Innovation, modernization and enhancement! With times changing, modernizing your teaching environment is just one way to enhance the way students learn and interact in the classroom. Utilize all the tools that SMART Technologies and their SMART Interactive Flat Panels give you, while also providing information using your existing white board. Two times the usability, just in different ways!

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