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COVID-19 AV Solutions

Living hand-in-hand with COVID-19 is the new norm - let us help you create a safe space for visitors and workers alike.

Military/Government/C2 Solutions – Reliable, Trusted and Secure

Top heads of state, military, and other government institutions around the world rely on AV technology every day. These customers require technology that is reliable, secure and uncompromising in quality, and design solutions excel at balancing the need to be cutting edge with high standards of network security, resiliency and sustainability. Whether you need to begin presentations and have all your remote offices or agency brought on screen, a full breadth of solutions help you communicate more efficiently to get the mission done. From a commander’s conference room to an instructional auditorium, AV is in command of perfect meeting experience. Regardless of your requirements, AVCO has the capability to provide the solutions to transform any government or military facility into a highly efficient and technologically savvy operation.

Accurate, Dependable, Clear

Operations Centers

The top priority of any emergency operations center is to ensure crises are managed effectively, efficiently, and safely. AVCO designs can ensure redundant, fail-safe systems, clear AV distribution, and instantaneous global conferencing.

Perfect Presentations Every Time


An auditorium is capable of hosting a large quantity of attendees, with events often live streamed and recorded for later use. AVCO can design complete solutions for these spaces, including sound reinforcement, video distribution, professional lighting, and seamlessly integrate system control.

Instruct Your Remote Team

Training Theaters

These spaces serve high capacity training classes with the ability to record and include remote participants. AV technology improves collaboration and class participation by allowing instructors and students to share content from laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Present – Collaborate – Share

Conference / Executive Briefings

Large conference room AV Systems need to be able to optimize the experience for both sets local and remote meeting attendees. Secure and Non-secure VTC application solutions with minimal complexity and advanced features. The conference room is an essential part of the governing process, where important discussions are held and critical decisions are made. AVCO designed solutions ensure productive meetings can be launched instantly, maximizing meeting time and empowering effective collaboration.

Comprehension and Retention

Sound Reinforcement Testimony Capture

The lawful administration of justice depends on testimony and evidence being captured and presented as objectively as possible. The Audio and video quality of sound reinforcement and video capture technology ensures testimony is captured with complete accuracy.

Empowering Justice


Modern courtrooms rely on audio, video and control technology to ensure that legal matters can be argued, judged, and settled as fairly as possible. Tested to military standards, AV technology is relied upon day in and day out in many of the world’s highest courts.

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