Business Communications, Corporate Spaces, Executive Boardrooms, Conference Rooms, Huddles Spaces, Multipurpose Areas / Common Areas, Integrated Solutions, Training Rooms, Receptions / Lobbies, and Auditoriums


Creating Positive Experiences, Building Exteriors, Restaurants / Bars, Guest Rooms, Pools, Conference Rooms / Boardrooms, Convention Spaces, and Lobbies


SMART Technologies, Classrooms, Auditoriums / Cafetoriums, Gymnasiums, Stadiums / Outdoor Fields, and Common Areas


Healthcare Solutions, Huddles Spaces, Conference Rooms, Training Classrooms, Surgery Simulations, Command Centers, Video Conferencing / Web Conferencing, and Large Format Displays


Government, Operation Centers, Auditoriums, Training Theaters, Conference / Executive Briefings, Sound Reinforcement Testimony Captures, and Courtrooms

House of Worship

Elevate the Worship Experience in Any Space, Exterior, Control Rooms, Overview Areas / Classrooms / Youth Spaces, Auditoriums, and Lobbies, Mobile / Pop-Up Ministries

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