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Digital Signage

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Digital Signage is visual communications that delivers information, announcements, and a message to the viewer

Digital Signage Over Showroom DoorAVCO has placed a digital signage solution over to those who are attending events in our Main Room. But digital signage and visual communications is so much more!

To get through to diverse and mobile audiences today, you need to be direct and timely.

Digital Signage gives you a path to your audience that’s flexible and strongly visual. Visual communications deliver graphical and video content to a range of room signs, stationary screens or mobile devices. They allow you to reinforce messages and target key audiences.

Regardless of their location, people get what you need them to know, including urgent alerts, training, greetings, directions, or recognition. Whether you use attention-getting screens where people gather or desktops and mobile devices where they work, your content managers are able to get the message out with little technical know-how.

For example, TVs, plasma screens, interactive kiosks, or strategically placed displays deliver your message to customers, on target and on time. They keep larger groups abreast of important events, performance data, or emergency alerts, or they start selling as soon as customers walk in the door.

The possibilities for visual communications are endless:

  • Promote events and HR information
  • Supplement training or product announcements
  • Boost morale and improve communications
  • Deliver emergency announcements more effectively
  • Incorporate live information like weather, traffic, and stock price
  • Broadcast performance and inventory statistics
  • Display industry news or other RSS feeds
  • Personalize visitor greetings
  • Show event schedules
  • Promote special offers
  • Supplement knowledge sharing
  • Advertise loyalty programs and sign up procedures

No matter how geographically dispersed, visual communications offer a dramatic branded presence in:

  • Lobby and reception areas
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Training centers
  • Meeting rooms
  • Break rooms
  • Hallways
  • Manufacturing and warehouse floors
  • Auditoriums

The Audio Visual Company offers digital signage solutions from the industries top manufactures such as Visix and Tightrope Media. Let us help you find the digital signage solution best designed for your visual communications needs.


AxisTV by Visix captures your audience’s attention wherever they gather: lobbies, reception areas, foyers, break rooms, classrooms, call centers, retail kiosks, transportation hubs, or manufacturing floors. Because communications can be delivered to any number of displays - plasmas, LCDs, televisions, and room signs - the possibilities are endless.


Tightrope Media


Grab their attention! Carousel is an intelligent digital signage system that is designed with simplicity, security, scalability and economy in mind. Start with a single display and expand to nearly limitless channels of signage in multiple buildings. Use existing flash, video and graphics or enter messages directly. Everything is browser based, so there’s no software to deploy. It’s power and simplicity for digital signage. It’s Carousel!